The Indianapolis Hosta society—in collaboration with the American Conifer Society—is about to create something beautiful for our fellow Hoosiers. We are building a public garden featuring shade perennials and conifers. Our setting for this future gem is adjacent to the mansion in Hamilton County’s Coxhall Gardens.

The centerpiece of the garden will be the genus Hosta. Hostas will be displayed with multiples of each cultivar, offering creative ideas for homeowners to emulate in their residential landscapes. The newest plants on the market will join many historically popular cultivars. Sizes will range from the minis all the way to the very largest of varieties.

Hostas will be complemented by an extensive collection of evergreens in a ‘Conifer Reference Garden.’ Hardscape levels will be separated by large boulders, and the entire garden will be irrigated and lighted. These varied elevations will be accented by Japanese maples, Kousa dogwoods, and the newest colorful redbuds to create contrast and add to the garden’s hues. Companion shade plants will add to the diversity of this rich landscape.

Indianapolis Hosta Society